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Andrew, he can do it all. […] Very few people would be willing to sit at this corner and looking over this world and saying “I wanna feel this. Because if I can feel it, I can make you believe that I’m sitting in a place that no one else can”.

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I don’t like elitism. I like open access to whoever is nice and to whoever would like to come and join. There might be a screening process of a nice test. Like going, ‘Oh, are you nice?’ And if you say ‘yes’ then you have to prove that you’re nice somehow with some subconscious hypnosis test or something like that. But once you get inside, there’d probably be a lot of bounce houses and a foam pit and a skateboard ramp going into the foam pit and a lot of things that you could hurt yourself on. But you’d have to sign a waiver of course before you came in to make sure that we weren’t liable. There’d be probably a simulation of what it would be like to sit and lay and run through clouds. I’d hire a great visual artist to do that. I’d create a whole warehouse of the world in some way.
“A street clown? A juggler? That would be cool. I’d probably go to school. I’d travel. I’d go wandering and get lost for a minute, like Jack Kerouac. And then afterwards, when I realized it was all vacuous and vapid and meant nothing to me, I’d probably take up photography”

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Fatherhood is a scary thing because as soon as you’ve done it you’ve messed up the kid. You’re only human and you’ll be projecting your own shit on them and putting your own expectations on them and treating them as though they’re a part of you rather than a separate entity. I am absolutely fascinated by fatherhood, though, and have been for a long time. I intend to be the perfect father. I’m sure I’ll fail miserably.

She singing “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” and then she said “Do you wanna be my lover?”

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This is kind of a hard story for me, actually. This was my first love. She asked me out, and I said ‘Alright’.

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What’s your first role on camera at drama school? (x)

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"[Spiderman] represents the everyman, but he represents the underdog and those marginalized who come up against great prejudice which I, as a middle-class straight, white man, don’t really understand so much. And when Stan Lee first wrote and created this character, the outcast was the computer nerd, was the science nerd, was the guy that couldn’t get the girl. Those guys now run the world. So how much of an outcast is that version of Peter Parker anymore? That’s my question."


Part of Andrew Garfield’s response to people being all butthurt when he mentioned a possibility where Spiderman might not be straight.

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